Ducote Engineering Assoc., Inc.  
                                               Serving the Commercial Marine Industry



Naval Architecture / Engineering
         Vessel Stability Calculations / Subdivision / Damage stability
         Incline Test and DWS Reports
         Hull and Structure Design
         FEA Analysis (Structures)
         Vessel Dynamics
         Hull Strength Calculations
         Deck Load / Cargo Securing 

Commercial / Industrial Vessel Conversions
         Supply and Commercial Diving Support Vessels
         Deck, Crane, Hopper Barges (Split &Bottom Dump)
         Hydraulic Dredge Design, Ladders, Attendant Plant, Boosters
         Bucket Dredgers
         Pipe Lay Barges
         Anchor and Towing Tugs, Dredge Tenders
         Floating Dry-docks
         Four and Eight Point Anchor Systems
        Dynamic Positioning

Mechanical Systems
         Machinery and Hull Piping Systems
         Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
         Vibration and Torsional Analysis (Rotating Machinery)
         System FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis)
         Machinery Foundation Design
         Winches / Array Handlers
         U-Frames (For ROV)
         Slurry Transport Analysis (Hydraulic Dredges)
         Deck Machinery 

Electrical Power
         Systems Design (AC/DC, Power)
         Electric Load Analysis / Reports
         Short Circuit and Load Coordination Studies
         Wire way Layout / Cable Selection and Routing

Company Equipment (partial list)
         Load Cell to 25 Tons     
         Audio Gauges (Steel & Aluminum)
         Vibration Meters, Spectrum Analyzer   
         Electric Power (Instruments)
         Portable Velocity Meter (Dredge Slurry)   
         Recorders / Data Acquisition






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